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College Governance


Mike Wirth, Dean
Virginia Kupritz, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Suzie Allard, Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Center for Information & Communication Studies
Sam Swan, Director, Internationalization and Outreach
Catherine Luther, Director of the School of Journalism and Electronic Media
John Haas, Director of the School of Communication Studies
Diane Kelly, Director of the School of Information Sciences
Sally McMillan, Interim Director of the School of Advertising and Public Relations


The College of Communication and Information operates under a set of bylaws, created and approved by the college faculty. The CCI bylaws were last amended in April 2016.

Bylaws for the College of Communication & Information

Bylaws for the School of Advertising and Public Relations

Bylaws for the School of Communication Studies

Bylaws for the School of Information Sciences

Bylaws for the School of Journalism & Electronic Media

CCI Committees

Member Composition: 2 tenured/tenure track faculty elected per School; 2-year terms staggered within SchoolADPR :
Eric Haley (2019)
Robyn Blakeman (2020)JEM:
Stuart Brotman (2019)
Barb Kaye (2020)CS:
Joan Rentsch (2019)
Laura Miller(2020)

Peiling Wang (2019)
Dania Bilal (2020) – Chair

Member Composition: 1 tenured/tenure-track faculty per School; staggered 2-year termsRachel Fleming-May – Chair (2020)
Mark Harmon (2019)
Mike Kotowski (2019)
Sally McMillan (2020)
Lisa Christian (C&I PhD Student (2019)
Valerie Aucoin – MSIS Student (2019)
Tina Shanklin C&I MS Student (2019)
Ex-Officio: Michael Palenchar
Member Composition: 1 tenured/tenure-track faculty elected per School; staggered 2-year termsVandana Singh (2019) – Chair
Beth Foster (2020)
Nick Geidner (2020)
Courtney Wright (2019)
Ex-Officio: Michael Palenchar and Betty Bradley
Member Composition: 2 reps from ADPR; 1 from CS; 2 reps from JEM; and 2 reps from IS; 1-year termsWade Bishop – Chair
Julie Andsager
Peter Gross
Mariea Hoy
Mike Kotowski
Devendra Potnis
Candace White
Administrative: Beth Meko
Suzie Allard – Chair
Jenny Crowley
Beth Foster
Peter Gross
Devendra PotnisKevin Mallory (C&I PhD)
Diane Carr (C&I MS)
Joseph Winberry (MS IS)
A CCI undergraduate student (to be determined)CICS Members (mostly administrative support):Jesse Cragwall (lead)
Beth Meko
Yana Truman
Rachel Volentine


Member Composition: 1 tenured/tenure track faculty elected from each School; 1 exempt staff/1 non-exempt staff/1 lecturer appointed by Dean; 1-year term

Lisa Gary – Chair
Mark Littmann
Emily Paskewitz
Carol Tenopir
Sifan Xu
Tanya Arnold
Lauren Ziegler
Ex-Officio: Mike Wirth

Member Composition: Student president (or designee) from CCI Undergraduate Student Organizations

Jake Albright (Diversity Student Leaders Society)
Jorden Albright (Diversity Student Leaders Society)
Chloe Armstrong (Ad Club)
Emily Caylor (Com Studies Club)
Savanna Jacoby (SPJ)
Nicholas Stokes (NABJ)
Hannah Whitson (PRSSA)

William Bell (MS C&I)
Hannah Brandon (MS IS)
Ashlyn Bryant (MS C&I)
Charli Kerns (C&I PhD)
Jenilee Williams (C&I PhD)
Joseph Winberry (MS IS)
Ad Hoc Committees

Mike Wirth – Chair
Suzie Allard
John Haas
Diane Kelly
Catherine Luther
John McNair
Mark Geller
Michael Palenchar
Donna Silvey
Sam Swan
Maureen Taylor

John Haas – Chair
Diane Kelly
Catherine Luther
Will McDaniels
Nick Meade
Beth Meko
Michael Palenchar
Gary Peterman
Joan Rentsch
Maureen Taylor
Hillary Tune
Alice Wirth
Mike Wirth
Awa Zhu

Sam Swan – Chair
Dania Bilal
Lisa Gary
Mark Harmon
Virginia Kupritz
Sally McMillan
Laura Miller
Candace White

Sam Swan – Chair
Suzie Allard
Robyn Blakeman
Rob Heller
Joan Rentsch
Cindy Welch

John McNair – Chair
Jesse Cragwall
Jenny Crowley
Clint Elmore
Nick Geidner
Dan Greene
Rob Heller
Anne Hensley
Virginia Kupritz
Bob Legg
Devendra Potnis
Sifan Xu


Member Composition: CCI has four senators. Senators serve three-year terms, plus one of the at-large faculty senators representing all UT lecturers.

Courtney Childers (2019)
Nick Geidner (2020) – CCI Caucus Chair for AY 2018-19
Amber Roessner (2021)
Sarah Huff Vassallo (2019)
Courtney Wright (2021)
Bharat Mehra (Alternate CCI Senator who will attend if any CCI Senators are unable to attend Senate Meetings)

Member Composition: Three-year terms; one representative and one proxy

Rachel Fleming-May (July 31, 2019)
Mike Martinez (Proxy July 31, 2019)
Ex-Officio: Michael Palenchar

Member Composition: Three-year terms. Dates shown are when the term expires

Beth Foster (July 31, 2019)
Vandana Singh (July 31, 2020)
Ex-Officio: Michael Palenchar

Member Composition: 2018-19 Representatives

Michelle Parker (C&I PhD, SIS)
Nicholas Sarafolean (C&I MS, ADPR)
Frankie McGinnis (MSIS)